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2. We perform the most comprehensive and detailed individual pre-training health history, posture screening, evaluation, testing and data analysis to prepare your fully individualized training protocols.


Depending on the case, it can take up to 2 weeks to draw complete initial training plans. 

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1. We accept clients who meet our highly selective screening criteria to make sure that there as 100% compatibility between SuperbAthlete and our potential clients. We want to make sure that you will be successful long before you start your training. We challenge industry status-quo by taking on primarily the most difficult, challenging, as well as “lost cause cases" and transforming athletic and fitness underperformance into life success stories.

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3. We lead our clients through our unparalleled mid to long-term strength and conditioning programs. We teach, coach, instruct, educate, motivate, guide, support, correct, adjust to make sure that our clients never get off track and enjoy performance improvements they desire and deserve. We serve both, life athletes and busy professionals who want to improve their image, self-efficacy, productivity, and quality of life.

4. First, you choose your Life Personal Training target from 4 options:

  1. Weight Gain (Lean Muscle) or Loss

  2. Muscle Tone & Sculpt

  3. Strength & Endurance

  4. Special Events

Next you decide on your training modality & frequency. Finally, you decide where will you train and if you prefer to train SOLO (1-on-1 with our trainer), in pairs (DUOS).


You can't change the target training zone once your design is set but you can always change your training option(s) to fit into your busy schedule and individual preferences. 

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