Life Performance Fitness Training: SMART goal oriented fitness protocols for busy ordinary people who tried become fit before but never were satisfied with the end results and now want to permanently improve their image, self-efficacy, productivity, and quality of life. If you can identify yourself with one of the categories below, you should give us a call and schedule your initial consultation and assessment:

  • You feel discouraged because your past personal fitness experiences and poor or no results

  • You lost/gained weight and gained/lost it right back

  • You became injured during personal training because of unsafe protocols and/or your coach's lack of expertise ​

  • You want better customer service, attention to your needs, on-going training support, easy but accurate progress monitoring, friendly but rigorous atmosphere, and promised improved life performance

  • You are a parent of a promising young athlete and would like to support her/his physical development (speed, flexibility, jumping ability, agility, coordination and balance, strength, power, endurance) and in turn accelerate sport achievement 

  • You have what it takes to improve your fitness but are afraid to do it alone and make costly mistakes

  • You seek some additional guidance in areas of motivation, nutrition, exercise techniques, specific weight and resistance training 

  • Got stuck at a certain level of fitness and can't find your way to reach desired proficiency target