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We Break All Barriers to Make You Superb!

We Break All Barriers to Make You Superb!


We provide unparalleled highly individualized, fully customized mid to long-term strength and conditioning solutions for athletes in both, individual and team sports seeking lost or a new high field performance excellence.

Our purpose is to serve clients from the wide spectrum of sport disciplines but primarily those who:

  1. Despite their commitment and years of hard training never reached championship/elite status

  2. Make to the finals but can’t perform on the highest stage when it counts

  3. Loose the finals because they can’t just finish the race (run out of gas)

  4. Quit competing because of burning out and injuries

  5. Became frustrated spending money/time on different trainers and programs but never achieved promised results

  6. Have been struggling to maintain and/or repeat past level of excellence

  7. Got stuck at certain performance level (plateaued) and can’t find the way out of the mediocrity

  8. Are afraid to train on their own and doing it wrong

  9. Have the great work ethics, believe in themselves and would like to make it to the big leagues

Each training project will have different minimum time and financial commitment based on set goals and objectives but typically starts with 3 months period paid in advance. Please contact us for more details. We look forward to meeting you, learning about past achievements and and work with you towards reaching new highs of sport performance!

We offer specially prized strength and conditioning solutions for sport teams of at least 10 athletes per age-group category.

Initial consultation and assessment carries a fixed fee of 99 PLN but is credited when you sign-up for the training.


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