SuperbAthlete Difference

How We're Different at SuperbAthlete...

  1. We specialize in helping clients who failed to achieve desired results.

  2. We perform most comprehensive and practical client evaluation and pre-training assessment including full battery of field tests.

  3. We design training protocols that are razor sharp focused on reaching set goals and maintaining performance readiness throughout.

  4. We consistently monitor and control the training outcomes to make sure that the clients stay on-track and make steady progress.

  5. We adjust training modalities daily based on feedback data to optimize acute, mid, and long-term results.

  6. We test at regularly scheduled intervals to provide clients with hard-facts data and use results to model future training. 

  7. We individualize support and back our programs by offering generous bonus programming rewards.

  8. We limit number of clients we serve to make sure that our service meets the highest industry standards.

What we do best for You:



We offer smart (short, intense, target focused) and simple, sustainable, safe, scaled training regimens for busy but motivated professionals enabling our clients to:

  1. do good (perform at work at leisure activities);

  2. feel good (mentally and emotionally balanced);

  3. look good (positive image and for the special social occasion and/or recreational event), and

  4. be good (stay healthy and strong).


Our services include four (4) performance targets:

  • long term weight management

  • muscle toning, sculpting, buffing-up/ripping 

  • strength & endurance training

  • training for specific recreational/sport/fitness activity/event