Our Training Methodology

Why We're Great for You!

1. Fundamental Operational Principles:

Specificity or SAID: specific adaptation to imposed demands

Progressive Overload: volume and intensity

2. Assessment Process (needs, skills)

Evaluation of Sport or Specific Activity: movement, physiological, injury analysis

Athlete/Client Evaluation: training status, background, exercise technique expertise; physical testing

3. In-depth Needs Analysis

Testing results compared with normative and descriptive data to determine the athlete’s and clients strengths and weaknesses

Setting primary/secondary training goals

4. Seamless Sequential Programming Integration to Optimize Performance

(SSPI is not a periodization)

5. Program Design: Exercise Selection, Training Frequency, Exercise Order, Training load and repetitions, Volume, Rest Periods, Recovery Modes and Duration

  • Conjugate Sequential/Phase Potentiation: Logically Organized Fitness Training Phases

  • Block: Concentrated Loads, Unidirectional Loading; Saturates a Quality

  • Vertical Integration: Management of fitness characteristics over a long phase

  • Short to Long: Maturation of skill development prior to attempting max loads

  • Procedural Memory Development: Addressing cognitive load through segmented learning

6.Smart Application of training modalities (loads), recovery protocols and monitoring training effects (acute, mid, long term)