Our Flexible Training Options:

Life Performance Personal Training programs' length, duration and frequency varies widely from project to project and is decided on a case by case basis. Typically the individual program lasts 3 to 12 months. Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation and evaluation at least 2 weeks before your desired training start date. Our program design is a multi-step process and takes up to 2 weeks after all tests are completed.

Choose from the following options to design your Life Performance Personal Training:

  1. Target

    • Weight Gain (Lean Muscle) or Weight Loss (Fat Tissue)  ​

    • Muscle Tone & Sculpture  

    • Strength & Endurance  

    • Special Events

  2. Modality

    • Training Plan plus Virtual Support Only

    • Training Plan plus In-person Support

  3. Type​

    • Solo​

    • Duo (with your training partner)

  4. Frequency

    • 2 sessions each week​

    • 3 sessions each week

  5. Place (training location)

    • your own home or office or outdoors

    • your favorite gym or SuperbAthlete facility